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Company Profile
Shenzhen City People Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in AR, namely: Augmented Reality or so-called mixed reality (Augmented Reality), VR, namely: the VR (Virtual Reality) holographic somatosensory interactive application software and hardware-based custom development high-tech enterprises. At present, we have developed dozens of entertainment, games and other products, including: real God of Wealth, live draw rainbow, real fighting, shoot mosquitoes live, live hot air balloon ride, real heroes, and so on. Product single screen size of 60 inches, can be customized into 4 × 4 or more, according to customer demand.
Shenzhen City People Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the development of AR / VR somatosensory interactive holographic products are widely used: video games, live events, education and training (preschool / elementary / junior high / high school / college), video entertainment, medical equipment, real estate, banking, engineering, military, police training, fire simulation training, science education and other fields.
Products fully realize man - machine interactive holographic somatosensory, somatosensory in virtual reality, enjoy the fantasy in reality. Different classes for different industries, provide AR, VR series of customized hardware and software products and the overall solution, customers of all sizes.
Shenzhen City People Information Technology Co., AR, VR series is the success of your choice.
Shenzhen City People InfoTech AR interactive teaching equipment + Guided fun teaching robots to help your child improve intelligence.
Shenzhen City People Information Technology Co., Ltd. Sales of smart card case is the cause of your products successful tool.


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